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    Are government taxes the same for Turkish and foreigners?

    Yes. The tax system is the same for everyone. Please see the section: Final Fees” on our website. These taxes must be paid to the Turkish government when completing the purchase.

    Who can buy real estate in Turkey?

    Yes. All nationalities can buy property in Turkey. There are only three countries that Turkey has frozen its diplomatic relations with, and they are North Korea, Armenia, and Syria.

    Are prices the same for Turks and foreigners?

    Yes, the price lists are the same for Turkish or foreign buyers. You can be confident that in all the projects we market, the conditions are the same for all investors and buyers.

    Will I get a cheaper price when I buy it from the project developer directly?

    No. Even if you go to the project management yourself or through our company. The same prices are applied by the project management. Depending on our experience in the Turkish real estate market, we can get discounts for some projects. Therefore, we will help you to get the best possible price, or sometimes the project management can provide us with some special offers, due to the presence of a large sales percentage for us sometimes.

    What about real estate tours?

    An important part of the services provided by TESKEEN is a field tour

    We arrange it for each client who wants to roam to see the properties and projects suitable for his request.

    Each viewing trip will be unique and designed to suit the requirements of our customers.

    Where we cover the entire area for him and after he sees all the options closest to his request, he makes the final decision and chooses the most appropriate.

    Is it possible to buy without coming to Turkey?

    It is certainly possible to send a friend or family member to receive the title deed of the property on behalf of the original buyer.

    It is possible to obtain a legal agency, which can be requested from the Turkish embassy in the country in which they reside outside Turkey.

    What do you need to do to reserve your apartment?

    You must bring your passport when you go to review the project. 1% of the sales value will be paid as a reservation fee, either via your bank card or cash. The apartment will be reserved in your name and the price will be fixed for two weeks until you pay the down payment and that is within two weeks from the date of booking. Will this amount be deducted from the down payment?

    How can I get a bank account in Turkey?

    In order to obtain a bank account, you must go to the government tax department with your passport and obtain a tax number. After that, you must present the following documents: 1. A document showing your current address (it could be an electricity or gas bill, or a document from your bank in your country) 2. Your passport 3. Your tax number that you obtained, and it is presented To the Turkish bank to open the account with.

    How can I get residency in Turkey?

    Foreign visitors can get a temporary tourist residence permit to stay in Turkey for a period of 90 days. After you obtain the title deed, this automatically gives you the right to have residency for one year. You can fill out an application to obtain a residence permit through the website

    Is it possible for my family to have residency as well?

    Yes. It is possible for your wife and children under the age of 18 to get residency after submitting the application.

    What is the new Turkish citizenship decision in Turkey?

    The Citizenship law in Turkey, published in the Turkish Official post on 19-09-2018, includes the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship, in one of the following ways: Buying a property worth more than 250 thousand US dollars, and not selling it for a period of 3 years, a fixed investment of a value of not less than 500 One thousand US dollars Providing a job opportunity for at least 50 Turkish citizens a deposit in a Turkish bank for an amount of not less than 500 thousand dollars.

    What are the conditions for having the Turkish citizenship?

    Buying a property in Turkey from a Turkish citizen (buying from a Turkish real estate company, for example). That the property has a legal title deed (a floor easement document was issued for it – tapu) even if it is under construction. The price of the property is more than 250 thousand US dollars. Paying for the property by bank transfer (bank transfer) from a bank outside Turkey or inside Turkey. That the buyer pledges not to sell the property for 3 years.

    What are the average returns on investment in Turkey?

    On average, returns on investment in the city center are significantly less than in other areas, ranging between 4-5%. In developed and modern areas, the percentage rises to 7-8%. In addition, when you buy in the initial phase of construction, rental returns may go up. Also, the value of your property will increase, which is about 15-20% annually. When all these factors are taken into account, it is very easy to get 100% profit for your property in some years in Turkey.

    What are the benefits of buying in the early stages of construction?

    If you want to make the maximum possible profit on the project, you must buy in the first stage of construction. Almost always there is a regular increase in sales prices from the early stages of a project through to completion.

    Which areas exactly is the center of Istanbul?

    This is a very common question by foreigners, and there is a great misunderstanding here, as neither Taksim or Sultanahmet is considered the center of Istanbul. These are the main tourist areas. Istanbul has a population of 17 million and there are 39 districts in the city. Many of these areas have a population of about five hundred thousand people who live in all these areas, and each has its own center according to the area in which they live. For this reason, you will be able to find everything you need in your area.

    Are reservation fees refundable?

    All fees paid are fully refundable during the two-week booking period. If you wish for any reason, you have the option to cancel.

    Can I pay in installments?

    There is almost always an installment payment plan until projects are completed. The down payment ranges from 20% to 40%, depending on the project. In some cases, an installment system is in place even after the projects are completed. Sometimes, there can be installment payment plans for completed projects as well.

    Do I have the opportunity to sell my property before the project is completed?

    Depending on the project you purchased from, you can sell your property during the construction phase. There may be 2% or 3% commission that must be paid to the developer if this is mentioned in the sales contract in some cases.

    Can I apply for a mortgage in Turkey?

    In order to get a mortgage through banks to buy real estate in Turkey, you need to have a regular income here. As this is usually not possible, it is not possible to obtain loans from the banks in Turkey. However, we will support you in this matter as some projects may have privileges.

    What are the maintenance fees I have to pay for the compound?

    Maintenance fees certainly vary by project. When there are more facilities in the complex, the maintenance fee can be increased. However, compared to other cities like Dubai, the maintenance fee in Istanbul is very reasonable. Usually, per month it will be around 1 to 1.5 dollars per square meter. For example, for a two-bedroom apartment which is 100 square meters, you will pay $ 100 per month maintenance fee to the management.

    What are the annual costs of owning real estate in Turkey?

    Maintenance fees amounting to about $ 1 to $ 1.5 per square meter per month. Property tax, which is 0.2% of the property value annually. The compulsory insurance against earthquakes is in the range of $ 70-80 per year.

    What are the final costs / taxes for buying a property?

    Purchase tax: 4% of the sales price. (Usually, it is split between the buyer and the developer, so that it is 2% for each party). VAT: 1% of the sales price. (If the apartment area is greater than 150 square meters, the VAT will be increased to 18% of the sales price). Utilities Application (Electricity, Water, Telecom and Gas): Approximately 1,000 USD maximum. Stamp Fee + Notary Fee: Payable only for projects that are funded by the government. Usually, no value-added tax is paid for these projects, which makes the terms almost equal for the buyer.

    What is the capital gains tax when I sell my property?

    The rate of capital gains tax varies from 15% to 35%. This tax will be paid if you decide to sell your property within five years after purchasing the property. In other words, if you keep your property for at least five years, and then sell it, there will be no capital gains tax to be paid to the government.

    What are the government’s plans for the metro system in Istanbul?

    In 2014, the metro system network was only 45 kilometers. By 2014, it had reached 142 km and by 2019 the government aims to increase it to 430 km. This means in five years, there will be a subway connection to all areas of the city.

    Does owning real estate in Turkey own for life?

    Yes. Whoever buys real estate in Turkey of any nationality, the property will own absolute ownership, in other words with all its rights.

    What is the inheritance law in Turkey?

    The portion of the legal inheritance reserved for children is 75% of the property and money of the deceased. It will be divided evenly depending on the number of children in the family. The remaining 25% goes to the wife / husband.

    Can I easily get used to Turkish food?

    Turkish kitchen is one of the best in the world and it is the opinion of many people. Its versatility gives everyone a reason to enjoy it. From where you are coming, you will easily get used to Turkish cuisine and start enjoying it.

    Are there schools that teach in English?

    There are many schools teaching English / Arabic in Istanbul in different locations where most foreigners study. Besides, Turkey has become an important country for students who want to continue their studies abroad to enroll in university. Many universities have lectures in Turkish and English.

    Is living in Istanbul safe for foreigners?

    Due to some demonstrations that took place in Turkey last year, this question is starting to be asked from some of our customers. These protests took place in the old centers of the city, and ended in a short time. We can definitely tell you that Istanbul is a very safe city and now one of the most attractive destinations for tourists in the world.

    How is the weather in Istanbul?

    Istanbul is one of the luckiest cities in the world for its all four seasons climate. The characteristic weather here can be seen as a cooler version of the Mediterranean climate. Wonderful spring, perfect summer temperatures maximum 30-35 degrees, easy autumn with blue skies, and rainy winters around 5 degrees.

    Can the credit card be used in Turkey or is it better to have cash with me?

    You can use your credit card almost everywhere which is possibly the safest way to do your shopping. However, we recommend that you have some cash with you to use for taxis or other needs.

    Can I buy a car in Turkey?

    You can buy a car with the same conditions as a Turkish citizen, but due to the high taxes on cars in Turkey, we do not recommend that. Alternatively, there are many car rentals companies that offer good rates. You can rent a car daily / weekly / monthly depending on your interest.

    Why my phone does not work with the Turkish SIM card?

    The Turkish government wants to impose a purchase tax on those who buy cell phones outside Turkey, your phone will be blocked within two weeks after you start using the Turkish SIM card in Turkey. To activate it, you need to deposit 130 liras to the tax office and then take this receipt to the Turkish GSM operator and buy your SIM card.