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    Owning real estate valued at $75,000 or more in Turkey qualifies for real estate residency.


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    WIN NOW!
    KARAT 34

    KARAT 34


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    Karat 34

    Your home, your office, your pleasure and all your expectations come together in Karat 34 (Basin Express Property), which is about to bring new and permanent value to Istanbul… Everything is just a stone’s throw away.

    Built by “Doğa Şehircilik” and “Başyapı” under the guarantee of Emlak Konut GYO, Karat 34 is a prestigious combined living project consisting of offices and residences at an important location in Istanbul where the flow of business meets the flow of life.

    Built in 6 blocks on a plot of 21,438.07 m2, including 3 office blocks and the remaining 3 residential blocks, Karat 34 offers the peace of nature while presenting the comforts of modern city living. You will forget that you are in town while strolling in the open air between greenery and ornamental ponds…

    Furthermore, the commercial blocks of Karat 34, which were developed as an eco-friendly project in the sense of “sustainable living spaces”, are nominated for the Leed Gold certificate, one of the certification systems World’s esteemed and trusted “Green Building”.

    Karat 34 is ready to add value to your life and your investments with its location, its innovative concept, its modern architecture and its comfort enhanced by high-end elements!