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    The best opportunity for investment in the city center which let you to use your apartment as Home offices.
    Sarıyer, Istanbul
    General Information

    Today Maslak is not only a district of Istanbul, it is a window opening to the future in Istanbul and the heart of a city with an enormous change and growth.
    Our motto is quality, right profile, right location and right management for 41 years. we have specified our philosophy as the architect of trust. Quality and respect. We primarily build trust and respect in our projects with a structure that is developed between our employees, suppliers, subsidiaries and customers and our belief for a team work.

    Project details
    Type M2 Min Price Max Price
    1+1 104 – 269 530.000 $ 1.500.000 $
    1.5+1 139 720.000 $ 750.000 $
    2+1 114 – 183 630.000 $ 960.000 $
    2.5+1 242 1.360.000 $
    3+1 269 1.500.000 $
    3.5+1 269 1.449.000 $ 1.500.000 $

    50% down payment
    12 months installment

    Project facilities
    • Service room
    • Video conference room
    • Terrace lounge
    • Copy center
    • VIP entries
    • Catering services
    • Meeting rooms
    • Archive room
    • Entertainment room
    • Office management automation
    • First aid
    • Lobby and information desk
    • Exclusive valet
    • Conference hall
    About The Project

    The modern architectural design composed with aesthetic materials, details and colors provides the perfect combination of light, landscape and art each of which express itself from a different perspective.
    42 Maslak as one of the most identified, the most refined projects of Istanbul with its architectural standing and investment diligence, has stood out with public areas as much as possible and under- took a consequent architectural approach in terms of landscape.
    The indoor/outdoor restaurants, cafes and bars with different concepts will offer a brand new dining perspective, exclusive brands will reveal a colorful culture in Maslak as a different and fun living center.
    With its experienced management; 42 Shops, submitting an inspired life and shopping pleasure during the day or after work, provides every detail needed by everyone desiring to spend high-quality time.
    You can enjoy hours in the open space cafes at any time of the day, and also have a different shopping experience with fair and open market activities.
    There are 1-12 residential flats just an elevator away from your work or shopping at 12 Maslak. All of the flats with a 4 meter ceiling height have also a small balcony for you to take a break from the city life.
    You have the privilege to benefit from our custom-made architectural services to easily bring about your dream house and use your own brand choices to decorate your house.
    Flat Offices from 250 sqm to 10.000 sqm and 91 Multi-Office units varying from 76 sqm to 188 sqm are designed with a radical concept in order to increase productivity.
    All of the multi-offices are provided on a turn-key basis with ready-to-move bathrooms and kitchenettes.
    42 Maslak Flat Offices are on sale with a total leasable area of 48.000 sqm by a concept that is faster and more functional than the offices in the skyscrapers, creating productive work places and providing sociable environment in the recent years.
    Speaking of life, kids are not forgotten. There is a special playground where kids will spend cheerful time at 42 Maslak.
    The Business Club furnished on a 1.700 sqm area provides solutions upon request with meeting rooms, conference halls and outdoor activity parlors and helps to enlarge the living areas of the business people.
    Every concept area such as security, cleaning, maintenance and service have a management of their own.