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    A Colorful life That makes you breath
    General Information
    • About construction company

    Akkus Group, which was founded in 1993 in Turkey and carries out important activities in fields such as textile, knitting, and chemicals; joined forces under the title of Boss4 Gayrimenkul İnşaat San. A.Ş by signing a partnership with the Lebanese EI Khatip Group, in 2017. BOSS4 Gayrimenkul operates to raise the standards of Turkey in the field of construction and to offer “modern, comfortable and peaceful” living spaces to today’s urban people, and in this context, it gives life to projects in global quality norms; and it adds value to İstanbul, life and our country. Realized within the scope of this concept; life in Alya Grandis and Alya 10ist, and deliveries in Alya Marin hos stored. The “Alya Terrace project” in Levent will be delivered to its buyers in 2021, and “Alya Mercan” in Beylikdüzü Kavaklı on the other hand, will bring “comfort and peace lovers” to their dreams very soon.

    • Meet the relaxing and refreshing Horizontal Architecture

    You are in one of the most important metropolises in the world; You are in Istanbul.. It is your dream to get out of the crowd and high buildings and enjoy the city life in a privileged way. Say hello to a spacious, relaxing and refreshing life with Alya Mercan’s low-rise horizontal architecture…

    • Breath the peace in the green garden

    Imagine that you will see a green fresh garden when you just leove your house. Take a pleasant walk by feeling the peace inside you. While sitting in lounges and having sincere conversations, sip your coffee and enjoy the happiness

    Project details
    Apartment Type
    Min m2
    Max m2 Min Price Max Price
    2+1 104 147 1.209.165 TL 1.711.227 TL
    3+1 144 185 1.675.365 TL 2.305.384 TL
    4+2 233 254 2.705.688 TL 2.953.343 TL
    5+2 230 295 3.023.705 TL 3.879.864 TL
    6+2 311 327 4.091.242 TL 4.296.705 TL


    About The Project

    THE MOST ModernForm of the Comfort
    Are you ready to live with designs that appeal to modern and aesthetic perceptions? It is very easy to have a quality life with privileges. Don’t worry, everything has been thought out to the finest detail in order for you to experience comfort at the highest level in Alya Mercan.

    “YAŞAM VADİSİ” ON ONE SIDE, “West Marina and the Other
    Wouldn’t you like to be close to social areas while living a peaceful life away from the crowd of the city? Thanks to the wonderful location of Alya Mercan, if you wish you can go to the “West Marina” or to the “Yaşam Vadisi. Socialize, travel, have fun; enjoy the city.

    Apartment type
    1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 5+2

    Beylikdüzü Valley of Life 2 min
    E-5 Highway 5 min
    TEM Highway 5 min
    West Istanbul Marina 5 min
    ido Pier 5 min
    Shopping Malls 5 min
    Schools 1 min
    Hospitals 5 min