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    Kartal, Istanbul
    General Information

    About the construction company
    Avva İnşaat has decided to conduct the Asfor project in one of the most beautiful places in İstanbul. Now it is time to meet Kartal’s most beautiful view.
    General information about the project
    It is possible to live in Asfor Kartal with the scenery of the Sea of Marmara in the exact location of real İstanbul. A door to your dreams
    Happiness and peace are indispensable for both you and
    your family in your home, Asfor Kartal.
    A pure blue pleasure…
    We have not sacrificed our aesthetic line that makes your life easier by creating both
    Modern and functional areas. Thus, we have made it easy to
    use while appealing to your visual pleasure.

    Everything you are looking for in Asfor Kartal is so close, you will not have to run around in your already fast-paced life anymore.
    You will have the comfort of reaching the exclusive restaurants from shopping without ever tiring.

    Project details
    Apartment Type
    Min m2
    Max m2 Min Price Max Price
    1+1 83 87 1.000.374 TL 1.200.449 TL
    2+1 125 125 1.711.751 TL 2.217.496 TL
    3+1 170 170 2.287.522 TL 2.692.118 TL
    4+1 318 435 5.442.117 TL 7.142.857 TL

    Title Deed Ready
    Suitable For Citizineship

    About The Project

    Unique solutions to your life…
    The lobby offers uninterrupted service to your loved
    ones to make your life even easier over 24 hours. They produce quick solutions to your home needs.

    How about inviting blue into your living room?
    When you look from the window of your stylish and comfortable living room, you will see the Sea of Marmara with all its blue. Turn your seats to the view and enjoy it all the time.

    Elegant, modern, and simple lines…
    We created a different atmosphere with modern touches in your bathrooms, which provide ease of use with its functional and simple design.

    To renew your soul and body… To relieve the stress of the day, you can just press your elevator button and relieve the fatigue of the day in the sauna and swimming pool without driving for miles…

    Get rid of all the fatigue of the day…
    Every detail has been considered so that you can have a happy and full of alternatives in Asfor Kartal.

    We have created a Fitness Center in the most beautiful corner of the tower for you to do sports.

    Wide and safe parking lot is in Asfor Kartal
    3000 m2 of indoor parking space has been reserved for you under the tower. We believe that the indoor parking lot, where your vehicle will be protected from external influences, will meet your expectations.

    You are 15 minutes away to the world from your parking space.

    Just exit Asfor Kartal to go to exclusive shopping spots in İstanbul and around the world: the transportation vehicle of the place you want to go will be waiting for you at most 15 minutes away…

    Apartment type
    1+1, 2+1, 3+1