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    The new address of catering and gastronomy, entertainment, art and fashion will be the Avenue Istanbul.
    Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
    General Information

    Gül Inşaat, which had signed its name on the projects glamorizing the life and raising the standards since 1980, builds the Avenue Istanbul on an area of 30.360 m.
    Office and Mall at the entrance of Beykent, in the center of the transportation networks, just beside the E-5, and next to the TEM highway link.

    Project details
    Type M2 Min Price Max Price
    1+0 63 800.000 TL 1.030.000 TL
    1+1 73 – 111 900.000 TL 1.911.000 TL
    2+1 136 – 156 1.615.000 TL 2.595.000 TL
    3+1 187 2.687.000 TL

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    Suitable for citizenship

    Project facilities
    • Cafes
    • Restaurants
    • Children’s entertainment areas
    • Commercial areas
    • Shopping center
    About The Project

    An excellent Marmara Sea in your warm home and a shopping avenue downstairs covering the life with all its colors…
    All the details, which will make you happy in your new home, are waiting for you with the options of 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1.
    The plans of houses were designed by considering all the details, which take the spaciousness and comfort to forefront.
    Frontal solutions were produced for enjoying the pleasant view of the Marmara Sea and the Büyükçekmece Lake continuously. One of the most important features of the project is that the apartments have a wide balcony with a sea and lake view.
    You can enjoy each moment of shopping with the top-folding technology.
    The Avenue Istanbul’s children’s park is full of fun, its restaurants are full of those flavors that will make them happy, and its gardens are full of joy!
    Modern and elegantly designed offices in the center of Beykent bring a new breath to your business life. The Avenue Istanbul is becoming the most favorite location of commerce thanks to its central location.