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    Teskeen Nef Bahçe awaits you in a deep green valley, right in the middle of the city center.
    bahçelievler, Istanbul
    General Information

    Nef Bahçelievler is in one of the most desirable districts in Istanbul for its unique culture and lifestyle.
    It is designed by the best designers in the world, where your children can freely be children in the middle of the city, and where you will come back to every day and live happily with your loved ones.
    Nef Bahçelievler awaits you in a deep green valley, right in the middle of the city center.

    Project details
    Type Min M2 Max M2 Min Price Max Price
    1.5+1 77 161 1.771.000 TL 3.703.000 TL
    2+1 105 194 2.415.000 TL 4.462.000 TL
    2.5+1 128 155 2.944.000 TL 3.565.000 TL
    3+1 153 176 3.519.000 TL 4.048.000 TL
    3.5+1 181 248 4.163.000 TL 5.704.000 TL
    4.5+1 239 245 5.497.000 TL 5.635.000 TL
    Project facilities

    • Library
    • Play track
    • Market
    • Art Wall
    • Garden
    • Playgrounds
    • Tree house
    • Slide Area

    • Picnic areas
    • Open-air cinema
    • Garden fireplace
    • Carpentry Workshop
    • Relaxation Garden
    • Café
    • Dining Hall
    • Gym and fitness room
    • Party and Karaoke room
    • Lounge
    • Indoor football and basketball fields
    • Turkish bath and sauna
    About The Project

    Teskeen Nef Bahçe is 5.9 km from Atatürk Airport, 5.2 km from World Trade Center, 4.4 km from Kültür University, 3.4 km from Sinan Erdem Sports Hall and 2.2 km from Bakırköy State Hospital.
    Everything you need to make you happy and peaceful, from garden areas to sports activities, open-air cinema, the pond where you can ride on specially designed boats, is at Nef Bahçelievler.
    You can easily meet your needs and enjoy shopping at the same time at the street shops to be opened in
    Nef Bahçelievler. Without even going far away from your house.
    Green areas and the street providing an easy shopping experience in the center of nef Bahçelievler will become a new attraction for its surrounding.
    A tree will be planted for every newborn in Nef Bahçelievler, families will grow side by side with the nature.