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    You are just next to the cafes, restaurants and parks You will want to experience here without any hesitate.
    Esenyurt, Istanbul
    General Information

    There is a special place FOR YOU At the heart of Istanbul This project is located between Büyükçekmece Lake and Küçükçekmece Lake which let you have nice view from your windows and that give you a strategic and beautiful location linked with important places in Istanbul europian side.

    Project details
    Type M2 Min Price Max Price
    1+1 69 – 94 676.000 TL 920.000 TL
    2+1 101 – 162 990.000 TL 1.588.000 TL
    3+1 148 – 199 1.450.000 TL 1.951.000 TL

    %1 VAT included in the price
    The price does not include title deed fees, settlement fees and subscriptions fees

    Project facilities
    • Cafés
    • Restaurants
    • Playground
    • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
    • Hammam
    • Spa
    • Sauna
    • Sports rooms
    • Cinema
    • PlayStation and billiard room
    About The Project

    BECAUSE YOU ARE SPECIAL Because you love to be at the heart of Istanbul. You want to be close to life, be distant from noise, spend less time in traffic and more time with your friends and so you are looking for a place where you can find peace and comfort everywhere with stress completely away from your daily life And be sure that you will find more than your expectations and dreams.
    EXPERIENCE A BRILLIANT ISTANBUL Color and glamour of Istanbul will mesmerize you with all its qlory both in daytime and nighttime You will find peace and vitality at the same time during day and night and you feel that the city’s heart is beating for you.
    YOU WILL enjoy LIVING A healthy life awaits you at the heart of Istanbul. You will get rid of daily tiredness and live fresher every day ds you will enjoy spa, vapor room, turkish bath, sauna, resting room, fitness and aeorobics center.
    YOU ARE SPECIAL FOR US The cafes, restaurants and shopping center are becoming the new center of attraction. Here shopping and pleasure is designed specifically for you.