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    In the center of Beylikdüzü, in the middle of life, next to the Valley of Life and shopping centers, one step beyond all your needs.
    Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
    General Information

    As you wish! Spacious and convenient design that can be designed according to every taste.
    Fine and Elegant Lines A place designed with a modern architectural understanding.
    First Impressions Delightful designs decorated with quality materials will welcome you to the spacious entrance of your home. Alya Dolunay is the most luxurious project in the region because we know very well that details are important to you.

    Project details
    Type Min M2 Max M2 Min Price Max Price
    3+1 183 189 2.734.200 TL 3.688.113 TL
    5+2 345 357 6.296.000 TL 6.523.100 TL
    Project facilities
    • Children’s playgrounds
    • Green social spaces
    • Indoor swimming pool
    • Gym
    • Turkish bath and sauna
    About The Project

    The area where you will spend the most time with your family and valuable guests is your living room with its spaciousness and wide use. That’s why we carefully planned all the details in your living room, from design to lighting, and now it is time for your pleasant conversations with your guests.
    We designed kitchens with all the details, using quality and long-lasting materials to have a pleasant, comfortable and, of Course, delicious time with your family in your comfortable and spacious kitchen.
    Spacious and calm design where you can get away from the complexity of the day at any time. Just enjoy the peace.
    A place where dreams come true! As our children grow up in their large rooms, they will learn the characteristics of being a family, the power and happiness of being together by living with you.
    For You and Your Children You can feel more energized by including sports in your life in the safe and peaceful social spaces designed for both you and your children of the Alya Dolunay. Children can socialize and have a good time in playgrounds and common areas specially designed for them.