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    A Calm Life & Guaranteed Investment Government-Guaranteed Project
    Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul
    General Information

    Why this project?
    The Gop Plevne project is built in the middle of Istanbul in the Gaziosmanpasa area, its construction works are underway at great speed, the first phase of the project consists of 400 apartments, 42 offices with a 7% rent guarantee, and 43 shops.
    The project attracts investors and residents alike thanks to its proximity to the Mahmutbey – Mecidiyekoy Metro station, also it is only two minutes away from the E80 international highway, and 350 meters away from the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Youth Park.

    Project details
    Apartment Type
    Min m2
    Max m2 Min Price Max Price
    2+1 132 136 2.416.000 TL 2.574.000 TL
    3+1 135 204 2.502.000 TL 3.507.000 TL

    – 10% Discount on Cash Payment
    – Prices Not include VAT (1%)
    – The project is exempt from title deed fees
    – Project delivery date: 01/06/2021

    Project facilities

    Detailed Information About the Project
    Besides its privileged location, the GOP Plevne project opens the door to a distinctive and calm life, with its innovative architecture, large interior landscape, panoramic view of Istanbul, and the social facilities it has

    • The project includes 5 residential and office blocks in addition to shops
    • Types of apartments in the project: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1
    • The finishing of the project is very luxurious
    • Indoor swimming pool, 1200 meters
    • Children’s swimming pool
    • Turkish bath
    • Sauna
    • Sports fields
    • Cafes
    • Gardens, children’s playgrounds
    • Shopping mall
    • Social facilities for services
    • Elevators
    • Central heating
    • Security cameras around the clock
    About The Project

    The project has more than ten different types of apartments with areas starting from 79 to 204 square meters.
    The project meets all the requirements of modern life and stands out with its innovative architecture.
    Most apartments have a panoramic view of Istanbul city.
    The project, which enjoys a privileged location in the middle of Istanbul, grants the project residents complete comfort and peace of mind all the time, and it is one of the best investment options.
    The GOP Plevne project lies in the most important location of the Gaziosmanpasa area in the center of Istanbul.
    Next to the project there lies the most important line of transportation in Istanbul, which is the Metro line that connects the European and Asian sides of the city, and thanks to the special location of the project it is 10 minutes away from Sisli, 9 minutes away from Alibey Dam Lake, 7 minutes away from Sultan Gazi Forest, 8 minutes away from GOP Milli Park and forest, and 30 minutes away from Istanbul Airport.
    The project is one of the excellent residential and investment opportunities in the middle of Istanbul city, and there are many universities near it, the most important of which is Bilgi University, the project is also close to Gaziosmanpasa Research Hospital, Avrasya Hospital, and the Avrupa Safak Hospital.
    The project area is surrounded by some of the most prominent central areas in Istanbul such as Sisli, Mecidiyekoy, Maslak, and Besiktas.
    The project is also surrounded by several malls, gardens, and forests, and there is a mall inside the project as well.
    Apartment Types
    1+1 Type with spaces between 66 – 79 m².
    1+2 Type with spaces between 113 – 132 m².
    1+3 Type with spaces between 135 – 165 m².
    4+1 Type with 204 m² space.