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    A group of rare luxury shops awaits you in this project and you can find everything you need in one place.
    bagcilar, Istanbul
    General Information

    The project is located next to the TEM highway and the Basin Express in Mahmud Bey, where you can easily and conveniently access all over the city.
    Located at the intersection of two important roads in a vibrant area, you will have the opportunity to choose several transportation alternatives, such as subway, Metrobus, minibus, and minibus.
    The project has a unique advantage that is not found in other shopping malls, where it is located at the intersection of three metro lines.
    A number of mega and important investment projects near the project, such as Marmara highway north, and the new Istanbul airport, and located on the road to the Third Bosphorus Bridge. 6 minutes from the E5 highway.
    Surrounded by a number of shopping centers, schools, and hospitals.

    Project details
    Location M2 Price Facing
    Lower Street 427 13.747.115 TL Street
    Lower Street 157 4.547.054 TL Inner courtyard
    Lower Street 336 7.534.733 TL Inner courtyard
    Upper Street 365 12.495.777 TL Street
    Upper Street 149 3.914.715 TL Inner courtyard
    Upper Street 133 3.483.177 TL Inner courtyard
    Lower Street 237,310 6.102.000 TL Inner courtyard
    Upper Street 251,830 6.507.374 TL Inner courtyard
    Lower Street 3750 712.800 TL Kiosk
    Ground 325 7.009.200 TL Street

    Ready to move in

    Project facilities
    • Outdoor Mall
    • Cafes & restaurants
    • Indoor and outdoor garage
    • Green spaces
    • Fitness center
    • Turkish bath and sauna
    • Hiking trails
    • Indoor swimming pool
    • Children’s park
    About The Project

    The project is located on an area of 11 thousand m2 and consists of two buildings with 50 stores.
    Store areas start from 80,725 m2.
    Outdoor Mall ,Cafes and restaurants, Indoor and outdoor garage, Green spaces, Social facilities ,Fitness center, Turkish bath and sauna ,Hiking trails ,Indoor swimming pool ,Children’s park ,Security and cameras.