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    Apartments that welcome you with the freshness of spring each day, their functional arrangements and efficient use of space.
    kağıthane, Istanbul
    General Information

    All apartments at Mevsim İstanbul are constructed with first class material.
    This material, which was handpicked carefully, becomes complete with the
    help of expert constructors. Ranging from its kitchen to its bathroom, from its
    living room to its terrace; the quality of Mevsim İstanbul touches you deeply

    Project details
    Type Floor Gross M2 Net M2 List Price 15% Cash Discount
    2+1 GF 152 101.33 3.004.635 TL 2.553.940 TL
    3+1 8 217.92 145.28 4.581.595 TL 3.894.356 TL
    4+1 8 249.02 166.01 5.714.712 TL 4.857.505 TL
    2+1 -1 156.08 104.05 3.458.760 TL 2.939.946 TL
    2+1 GF 152 101.33 2.999.332 TL 2.549.433 TL
    3+1 10 195.08 130.05 4.768.857 TL 3.940.371 TL
    3+1 10 195.08 130.05 4.635.731 TL 3.940.371 TL
    Project facilities
    • Hiking areas
    • Fitness rooms
    • Mini football and basketball fields
    • Sauna
    • Cinema
    • Game centers
    • Pool
    About The Project

    An exclusive life is being built in Kağıthane, consisting of 187 apartments in 3 blocks.
    30 exclusive living quarters that bring privilege and comfort together allows their owners various kinds of joy with their broadness and functionality.
    Here, the seasons are shaped completely according to your preferences with apartments
    that welcome you with the freshness of spring each day with their functional arrangements and efficient use of space.
    Mevsim İstanbul offers apartment options ranging from 2+1 to 4+1 to its residents.
    There are many options for big families, newlyweds and the ones who only wish to invest
    All privileges at Mevsim İstanbul are designed with the understanding of respect towards the privacy of the residents.