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    Esenyurt, Istanbul
    General Information

    Our Project Meydan Ardicli is located the neighbor for both Esenyurt and Esenkent-Bahcesehir areas, And this road is also connection way for both E5 way and High way of Istanbul. 67.000 m2developmentland area, 27blockswith7 floors. We have 1.681 residentialunitsand125 commercial units, 15.650 sqm commercial trade street shops. Our Advantages; 20 Km away Ataturk Airport and 5 Km away Kucukcekmece Lake 18 Km from 3rd Airport The midpoint of Transit European Motorway and E5 motorway street There will be hotels, hospitals, sport centers and schools available around the Project. Close to all public transportation. (Subway, Metrobus exc.) Walking distance to METRO underground system. Restaurants street in the project, all shops 7 days/18 hours in a day open for the public. Art galleries and the biggest theater hall in the region.

    Project details
    Gross m2 Ranges
    Price Ranges
    70 m2 H 1+1 2.777.000 – 2.819.000 TL
    145 m2 – 167 m2 I & H 2+1 5.712.000 – 6.637.000 TL
    143 m2 – 340 m2 C & E & I & H & G 3+1 5.506.000 – 14.451.000 TL
    187 m2 & 221 m2 G 3,5+1 7.021.000 -10.568.000 TL
    159 m2 – 392 m2 I & H & A 4+1 11.333.000 – 25.490.000 TL
    259 m2 & 302 m2 G 4,5+1 12.049.000 – 14.705.000 TL
    263 m2 – 346 m2 C & E 5+1 14.935.000 – 23.084.000 TL
    210 m2 – 285 m2 Garden Garden Dublex 3+1 7.907.000 – 13.161.000 TL
    284 m2 – 361 m2 Garden Garden Dublex 4+1 11.583.000 – 17.588.000 TL
    106 m2 – 3.435 m2 Commercial & Shops 5.444.000 – 185.000.000 TL

    * The last update for this price list has been made on 06.07.2021, Yedi Mavi management has the right to change the prices at any time.
    * Sea view 1+1 units are completely sold out.
    * all units are ready for delivery.

    About The Project

    Esenyurt known as “New Center” for New Istanbul. In the region, many companies’ head offices, international hotels and companies are found in this region.I tis clearly seen that the seprescient companies also had an investment of million dollars on this area. 2.1. Chanel Istanbul:It is planning alternative to be the new bosphorous,integrating the 2lakes Buyukcekmece and Kucukcekmece.The traffic jam will not be a problem anymore and Channel Istanbul will provide new bosphorous view to several apartments in the project. 2.2. Direct connection from the highway:We are only 850 meter away from TEMhighway and lessthan10 minutes from E5 way and thislet our investorstravel 5 km less and gain at least 10 min till to public transportation. 2.3. 3rdBridge:Its construction hascompleted,so the traffic problem in European side will decrease.Also,thanks to the direct connection to TransitEuropeanMotorwaytothis area“MeydanArdicli”,transportation gets easier. 2.4. 3rd Airport: After its construction is completed, Ataturk Airport will be used only by cargo planes and the main airport will be Karaburun airport (3rd airport) which is 18 km away from Meydan Ardicli. 2.5 Exhibition Area: Moreover, this area is the exhibition center in Istanbul that’s why in each month, we are welcoming many people coming from abroad or from other parts of Turkey. It will affect the people traffic on Commercial Units. 2.6. Hotel District: Also, having a 5 star hotels around this area, makesthis location more prestigious. Since we will have a worldwide organization,we need to host participants and guests in a comfortable way.So,we are in the middle of lots a 5 star hotels. Only 1 km away from the Project, there will be 5 STARS HOTEL. After a detailed feasibility study is done, they approved the importance of this area and decided to take advantage of it. International Hotel Brands, will increases the value of this area. (Swissotel, Sheraton, Nidya Suites) 2.7EducationalAreas:One of the most important aspects of urban life is educational opportunities in a city. In this area land,there are lots of prestigious colleges and Universities. Since there are no dormitories will be built,the students are potential tenants for the project. Schools are given education from the pre-school to college. 2.9 Shopping Malls: Now we are so close to the biggest shopping Malls. Akbati is only 1.1km(walking distance) away and the popular Mall of Istanbul is only 10 min, Aqua Florya is only 19 km away from our projects. 2.10 Health District: Around our Project there are lots of Hospitals. Public and Private Hospitals are only less than 1 km away from this Project as an example 22 floors with 300 bed capacity University Liv Hospital, Esenyurt Research Hospital and Acibadem Hospital etc.