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    This is a place to open your eyes each morning and discover new aspects and details of the city.
    Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
    General Information

    After taking into consideration the location and the estimated value and future of the district, the most suitable architecture is example of this concept is OnaltıDokuz Ístanbul, a brand new determined and projects begin to be developed. The most recent living area with a commanding view of Istanbul, located along the Bakırköy coastal road. The community is in a good location for those who like to live in the moment and for those who wish to make a sound investment for the future.

    Project details
    Type Min M2 Max M2 List Price
    1+1 E 79.15 115.96 309.902$
    2+1 F1 92.1 125.52 467.914$
    2+1 F1 92.1 125.52 481.283$
    2+1 G1 91.9 120.77 525.000$
    2+1 S 133.7 183.6 802.139$
    3+1 T2 186 246.29 1.069.518$
    3+1 TA1 184 246.29 1.212.661$
    4+1 PD2 290.05 394.54 1.336.898$
    5+1 U1 248.4 338.09 1.470.588$
    5+1 RD1 277.75 391.05 1.886.363$
    6+1 TD1 361 481.38 2.896.002$
    6+1 TD2 361 481.38 3.153.425$
    6+1 TD1 361 481.38 3.153.425$
    Project facilities
    • Sun Bathing Terrace
    • Outdoor Swimming Pool (12 m x 20 m)
    • Indoor Swimming Pool (12 m x 23 m)
    • Jogging-Running Tracks (700 m)
    • Basketball Court
    • Tennis Court
    • Children Playground Area
    • Spa, Sauna, Steam Bath
    • Massage Room
    • Fitness Area
    • Social Facility Area
    • Aerobic and Dance Studio
    • Pilates and Yoga Studio
    • Vitamin Bar
    • Barbeque Area
    • Restaurant and Café
    About The Project

    Istanbul’s new focus OnaltıDokuz İstanbul will enrich your life, make your days more enjoyable, soothe your weariness and relieve your mind of small details. Everything about OnaltıDokuz İstanbul has been designed to allow you to enjoy being surrounded by the embrace of Istanbul. There is nothing to disturb your relaxation; there is everything to add to your enjoyment. The possibilities presented by the vast shopping and living areas of OnaltıDokuz İstanbul, concierge service, parking garage, support and Spa center will help you to achieve a whole technical new outlook on life.
    The 25,000 sqm shopping and common living space in OnaltuDokuz İstanbul was designed with your convenience and enjoyment in mind. All amenities are easily accessible and OnaltıDokuz İstanbul can provide every conceivable need or service that may be required, located directly beneath your home. Restaurant and Cafés. OnaltıDokuz İstanbul has a restaurant and cafés where you can spend relaxing times with your family or guests. From hairdressers to shoe shines… Every daily, practical need Istanbul, which promises you a new, high-quality lifestyle. can be met by the many service points located inside OnaltıDokuz.
    Conclerge Service At OnaltıDokuz İstanbul there is always someone to make your life easier. From car rental to second hand real estate services, child care to housecleaning, from bill-payment to flower ordering, dry cleaning to turn-key services, you can take advantage of the countless conveniences provided by the OnaltıDokuz İstanbul Concierge Service which is always ready to help you. Leave all the details to us and enjoy your life at OnaltıDokuz İstanbul. Technical Services At OnaltıDokuz İstanbul, all maintenance and simple house repairs are the responsibility of the technical service team. Parking Garage One of the most-appreciated comforts at OnaltıDokuz İstanbul is the case of parking. The vast parking area is large enough for the vehicles belonging to your entire family. 24 hour Security At OnaltıDokuz Istanbul, you can enjoy your life in safety, with the confidence that the 24 hour security service team is on the job.
    At OnaltıDokuz İstanbul, every tiny detail has been thought of. The very best materials were used and the community was designed, implemented and brought to life by experts. OnaluDokuz İstanbul EXPERTS Investment and : ASTAY REAL ESTATE Development Contracting Firm Architectural Project Interior Design Static Project : Tahsin ALPAR (Alpar Architecture) : ASTAY REAL ESTATE : Hande TÖZÜN (Tözün Architecture) : Şakir TEKER (Yapı Technical) : Hulusi TÜTÜNCÜ (Mep Architecture) : Ilüseyin GÜISOY (HB Technical) : Prof. Dr. Erol GÜLER (ELC Consulting) : Prof. Dr. Zekai CELEP (ITU) Doç. Dr. Kutlu DARILMAZ (ITU) Foundation Consultant : Prof. Dr. Erol GÜLER (Bosphorus University) : Salih SEKBAN (CWG Consulting) Mechanics Electrical Project Foundation Project Static Consultant Facade consultan.
    Istanbul from every aspect You decide from which aspect you want to view Istanbul. OnaltıDokuz İstanbul has a wide variety of choices waiting for you that will fit your budget, your lifestyle, your point of view and your investment plans. Residences and apart suits are located in 3 blocks of 36, 32 or 27 floors each. You may choose from 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 3+2 or 6.5+2 floor plans, ranging in area from 92 sqm to 182 sqm. Every one of the units has a view of Istanbul. All you have to do is to choose your Istanbul.