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    Happiness under the linden trees at every step
    General Information

    A world that takes inspiration from pines
    Located nearby the forest and the natural lake, this project has inspired its existence from nature. Linden and plane trees in the region are hosting the project.

    Project details
    2+1 131,57 M2 131,57 M2 8.413.031 ₺ 8.413.031 ₺
    3+1 129,77 M2 192,92 M2 6.601.882 ₺ 11.145.784 ₺
    4+1 210,02 M2 210,02 M2 10.838.049 ₺ 11.540.070 ₺
    5+1 277,65 M2 281,31 M2 13.481.045 ₺ 13.660.557 ₺

    1- Above Prices are list prices and VAT is excluded . Title deed, notary and utility costs are not included in these prices.
    2- Mesa reserves the right to make changes in price lists and campaigns without prior notice.
    3-This price list valid until the end of August

    Project facilities
    • Forest and Lake
    • TED College
    • İstanbul Airport
    • 15 Temmuz Şehitler Bridge
    • FSM Bridge
    About The Project

    This project … A life in the shade of plane trees
    We leaned on giant plane trees in this project . We have embraced them fee ling their experience of reaching out to eternity. We have c rea ted a life combining its b road leaves opens for love and a-ection . To enjoy the life, to cool o under its shad o w. To keep happiness alive for centuries .

    forest and lake is a part of your home
    Thanks to the nature privilege nearby in the new stage of this project, your life can rejuvenate the moment you meet the purity of the natural lake and a peaceful forest. While living a tranquil life on the Asian side, you can easily participate in all the dynamism of the European side by using the Cubukluİstinye ferry or 2 main bridges , located only in 5 minutes away

    Only 163 flat boutique and sustainable future
    This project, adds nature into your metropolitan life and welcomes clean forest air in to your homes with developer quality. A life at this project, presents a high qualied comfort satisfaction by maximizing your living standards through 163 fats with wide balconies and terraces from 2 + 1 to 6.5 + 1 within 10 blocks.