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    Bahçelievler, Istanbul
    General Information

    The project is located in the Yenibosna area, Istanbul Basın Ekspres Street. This street is one of the most important main roads, as it connects the most important highways in Istanbul (E5_E80) and Istanbul Airport is only 20 minutes away.
    It is also located next to the project Approximately 6 huge malls, the most important of which are:

    • Mall of Istanbul
    • Mall 212
    • Star City Mall


    Project details
    Type Startin M2
    Starting Price
    1+1 63 137.850 USD
    2+1 107 248.500 USD

    Cash Discount: 10%

    All of the privileges you dream of are at your service in S Life Ekspres which has been designed and constructed with residence concept so that you can live life thoroughly…

    A modern lobby where you can host your guests, reception, housekeeping, concierge services and many others…

    Each square meter of S Life Ekspres which puts forth a unique interpretation with its architecture designed selectively in terms of details from the central air conditioning system to Franke branded built-in kitchen, from floor heating system to special facade work, has been designed so that you can live a life of better quality.

    It is not enough to feel comfortable, pleased and peaceful at home, where the most special moments of life is experienced! You should feel even more in the place that you live… You should feel so special and privileged the moment you enter inside… And you should feel the prestige to your heart’s content… Just as in S Life Ekspres where each corner and detail has been designed based on this idea.

    How about experiencing home ease with hotel comfort?

    This is one of the best features of living in S Life Ekspres. Through S Life Ekspres Concierge Services, all privileges which can be presented by the residence comfort are specific to you…

    Through this service which will make this comfort and ease indispensable parts of your life;

    • Reception
    • Cleaning
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Locksmith
    • Car Wash and Detailing
    • Tailor
    • Shoe shining
    • Car Rental
    • Interior Decoration
    • Special Technical Service
    • Ticket Provision
    • Hotel and Accommodation
    • Restaurant and Entertainment Reservations
    • Cargo / Courier
    • Transportation
    • VIP Transfer are some of the privileges you will benefit.

    There is a dream always postponed by the city-dweller… Even if for a short time, stopping off the noise and stress of the city and meeting the nature… That dream becomes true now with S Life Ekspres which gives an end to the passion of nature with its green area rate of %85. And the center of Istanbul is filled with peace…

    Life Ekspres provides you a life in which you can experience the privilege of swimming in four seasons, not just one season.

    Do you know that you have more than one alternative in S Life Ekspres to get rid of the stress and fatigue accumulated in your body?

    Either sweat in the sauna and get rid of the toxins, or get rid of the stress and fatigue in the steam room using any aroma you like. The preference is totally yours… Peaceful times await you in S Life Ekspres. One of the most pleasant ways to get rid of the fatigue accumulated in your body at the end of tiring days awaits you in S Life Ekspres…

    The pool parts with jacuzzi which bring together the pool pleasure and peace of thermal relief inside the swimming pool will enable you to get rid of the fatigue in your body and calm your soul using the massage effect of pressurized water.

    Another nice feature of living in S Life Ekspres is that you do not have to go far distances in order to meet friends. The reason is very simple. The pleasant atmosphere of the cafe right under your house is perfect for having the best conversations while eating and drinking.

    Is it possible not to meet the needs of children in S Life Ekspres as well as theneeds of adults?

    The children will enjoy the swimming pool specific to them in summer and the games and fun in colorful play grounds in the remaining times.

    Sport is a must for a healthy life… When you start living in S Life Ekspres you will enjoy a fit and healthy life by eliminating problems such as getting into busy traffic to go to the gym from work or home and lack of time.

    A life where parking is not a problem in Istanbul becomes reality here…

    Your vehicle which you can easily park in the high-capacity closed parking lot of S Life Ekspres will be far from all risks and safe.

    145 living spaces consisting of 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 residences and meeting needs of different expectations and life styles… No matter which one you choose, be sure that you will experience more comfort.

    Everything you need from coiffure to market, from cafe to pharmacy, from stationery to pastry shop is in the bazaar of S Life Ekspres which is a couple of steps away.

    Another nice feature of living in S Life Ekspres is for sure having limitless freedom in shopping… How is this possible? Starcity AVM is a couple of minutes far at walking distance, Mall of Istanbul, Istwest and 212 AVM are close enough to make a very short travel by your vehicle.

    S Life Ekspres has all details and equipment required for living a life of better quality. Central air conditioning system, floor heating system, Franke branded built-in kitchen, special facade work, kitchen-bathroom counters and doors prepared by Elite Granit and Elite Design.

    Be sure that everything you value will be safe in S Life Ekspres which will be monitored by a camera system working 24/7, surrounded with safety walls, protected by special guards controlling all entries and exits. Gunesli is more than just a district name for Istanbul… Gunesli is the meeting point of business, shopping, education, entertainment and investment… It is the junction point of the roads and the city… The favorite of real estate investors…

    You are not wrong about considering S Life Ekspres which rises in the most beautiful point of Gunesli and gains value each day through various investments such as shopping malls, hotels, business centers, health and educational centers, not just as a residential project but also as a profitable and right investment for the future.

    When you start living in Gunesli, you will unavoidably start getting rid of sentences and expressions which contain the word “far”. Because this place is closer than you think to anywhere you need.
    For instance the airport is right beside you. Shopping malls are at a distance of a couple of minutes. Hospitals, which we wish that you never need to go, surround you. From university to college, all educational establishments are almost your neighbors.

    SIYAPI has become an experienced and reliable corporation with the infrastructural, superstructural and urban transformation projects it has constructed for the public and private sectors since 1990.
    SIYAPI produces innovative, modern, elaborate, environment-friendly, affordable luxurious projects which do not compromise on quality and comfort with a customer-oriented viewpoint in the developing real estate sector. While targeting to become one of the leading firms in the real estate market, SIYAPI continues to add value to its region and earn its investors money through the permanent projects it produces by adopting reliable commercial principles.

    A construction company… An establishment which acts aiming to be one of the greatest companies in near future in Qatar and the surrounding geography… Architect of the prestigious projects in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen…

    SAK Holding Group.

    SAK Group which has performed various construction projects based on the principle of best price and best quality in fields such as residence, commerce and hotel management, is a company which executes construction of hospitals and campuses with the highest standards besides the most prestigious hotels in the regions it has served until today. SAK Group realizes its activities with modern strategies which contribute to the welfare of especially the country it has been established in and of its sector, partners, investors and customers, and it is a company which invests in establishing big and strong companies that keep pace with Qatar National Vision and Development Strategy.
    SAK Group has recently added Turkey to its activity areas and will execute projects which present the best quality with the best price just as it has done until now.

    Project facilities
    • Project Services
    • Indoor swimming pool
    • Gym
    • Sauna / Steam
    • Private cafe
    • Car parks
    • Security 7/24
    About The Project

    The settlement which is completely seen over Basin Express Way is in an important location since it is near to Ataturk Airport and World Trade Center. The place where the parcel is located is very near to metro stations that serve/will serve the region in north and south directions.

    Since the zoning status of the project area is ‘’Prestige + Service Area’’ and due to its central location, it has been designed as a combined use complex with its residences, management units, concierge services, social areas and commercial functions.

    Commercial units have been designed on ground floor in Kavak Street in order to meet the needs of the new complexes of which their textures have been renewed and the needs of the residence units.It is stipulated that Kavak Street route will be an important axis in terms of trade in the long term due to renewed industrial areas and metro stations.

    Commercial units are comprehensive units with warehouse areas and mezzanines. There is an open parking lot on Kavak Street for the commerce and cars of residence visitors.It is targeted to transform the complex into a landmark in this region. It is desired that the designed building determines the linear trade axis of the region.

    Rational lines have been preferred in the design of structure due to their general advantages. Floor number difference between two blocks enables facades to complete each other.

    The blocks have been directed taking into consideration day light advantages in the settlement. There are no apartments completely in the northern front in the residential units. All apartments and social areas benefit from daylight in maximum.

    Adnan Kazmaoğlu, Master Architectech

    He graduated in 1975 from State Fine Arts Academy Master Architecture Department. He served between 1975-1980 in Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Architecture Urbanism  Lectern as Assistant. He served in the urban planning and urban design projects in the  revolving fund group of the lectern. He executed hotel, tourism complex and villa-residence settlement projects as a freelance architect between 1982-1987. He designed  residential settlements, shopping centers, office buildings, hotel and tourism facilities in  MIAR Architecture Limited Company that he founded together with Mutlu Cilingiroglu from  1988 up to 2000. He served as a juryman in Istanbul Technical University, Yeditepe  University, Bursa Uludag University Faculties of Architecture. He gave architectural project  lectures in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. He has been running architectural and urban  design activities in Adnan Kazmaoglu Architectural Studies Center which he founded since  2000.