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    The best opportunity for investment in the city center which let you to use your apartment as Home offices.
    Beyoğlu, Istanbul
    General Information

    Taksim 360 has been renewed by preserving the historical, architectural, and cultural values of Beyoğlu with precision. With the richness of polyphony, Istanbul has gained a brand new life and attraction center.
    Taksim 360 is a brand new mixed project that transforms Tarlabaşı.
    Taksim 360 promises a full life not only with its offices and residence blocks, but also with its stores, art galleries and location.

    Project details
    Type M2 Min Price Max Price
    1+1 70 – 85 1.718.362 TL 1.954.215 TL
    2+1 120 – 176 2.695.469 TL 3.436.723 TL

    35% down payment
    24 months installment

    Project facilities

    In Nişantaşı, which is only a few minutes away, you can find:

    • Shopping center
    • Cafes
    • Restaurants
    • Art gallery
    • Museum
    About The Project

    Taksim 360, Turkey’s first public-private partnership “Urban Renewal’ project where historic values are carefully preserved, is a unique addition to Istanbul’s skyline with a construction area of 165.000 m2 and a facade of 220 meters.
    Boasting nine blocks and 918 units that offer housing, offices, commercial areas, shopping opportunities and concept streets for social activities, the project is positioned as a new platform for living and investment.
    The block, consisting of 92 housing units sitting on a total area of 8.859 m2 and 20 commercial units with an area of 1.635 m2, is located on the front corner of Taksim 360. This residential living experience full of stylish design elements and luxurious details will exceed all your expectations.
    Taksim 360, which preserves the region carefully, is surrounded by houses, offices, shopping opportunities, and concept streets that serve social life. Consisting of 9 blocks and 918 units,Taksim 360 blends the historical texture of the region with a futuristic architecture in a rational way. Everybody has many reasons to live and work here not only today but for two thousand years.
    The facade of the residential block 362, which consists of 73 apartment units with a total area of 7.815 m2, 23 commercial units with an area of 3.016 m2 and two office units of 352 m2, stretches away from the main street to offer a view of Piyalepaşa.
    The elegant office lobby that welcomes you and your guests gives a successful first impression of what you will encounter at Taksim 360. You can find the luxury and material quality of a five-star luxury hotel in the doors and corridors of residences, which are designed with a holistic approach and design language.
    130 apartments living in this block will be located in the center of the project, on the rear facade of Taksim 360. The block 361 B will offer the best of both worlds: a residential area of 10.279 m2 for when you need peace and quiet; 21 commercial units full of cafes and entertainment venues filled with sweet tunes and people attending events nearby across an area of 3.439 m2 for when you need an energizing urban experience.
    If you do not have the time to find a parking space, you and your guests have the privilege to use the Valet Parking service. Our reception desk is open 24/7 to ensure your safety and let you know when your guests arrive. If anything goes wrong in your house, technical and concierge services are offered as standard to make your life easier.