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    A dynamic environment within business life, entertainment, art & culture in the heart of this energetic ancient city.
    Taksim, Istanbul
    General Information

    Wandering in the back streets of the main street; suddenly we find
    ourselves on a street welcoming us with its tranquility; just the opposite
    of the dynamic environment we passed through a few minutes ago.
    This is what Taksim Palas is like; located the city center yet feels like far

    Project details
    Type Min M2 Max M2 Min Price Max Price
    1+1 70 85 1.718.362 TL 1.954.215 TL
    2+1 120 176 2.695.469 TL 3.436.723 TL

    35% Down Payment
    Installments 24 Months

    Project facilities
    • Children playground
    • PlayStation room
    • Private cinema
    • Guest room
    • Turkish bath for families
    • Steam room
    • Spa
    • Fitness room
    • House keeping
    About The Project

    When asked, people said their dream house would be in a beautiful building with high ceilings; in harmony with the history of this magical city. They said the ideal home should have the luxury and functionality of the modern life from the inside and from the outside it should have a welcoming facade.
    Then we knew what they desired. It wasn’t only a cold high ceiling building…
    A spacious housing complex, with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 garden and terrace apartments that make your life easier with its concierge and car parks, which has a ceiling height of 3.15 m; just like in the old days.
    13 minutes after you leave your home; you’ll arrive in Valikonağı Street where you can find prestigious shops of top-tier fashion brands. Later on, for activities and souvenier shopping head to Taksim Square and famous İstiklal Street where the spirit of the city awaits.
    Feriköy City Park, which is located in your district, is a healthy alternative with its 21.500 m2 green area. You can go for a walk, enjoy your jogging routine or take your children to the playgrounds. This modern city park is a great gateway to a healthier life and a privilege to have in a metropole.