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    The future of İstanbul, where all the roads cross. Living the good life is an art!
    Başakşehir, Istanbul
    General Information

    İstanbul, the melting pot of tourism, trade, economy, sports, history and culture, continues to grow as a home to many different life-styles.
    The value of the city has been rising continuously as not only regional, but also a global symbol of its modern city understanding by combining the tradition with the future.

    Project details
    Type Min M2 Max M2 Min Price Max Price
    2+1 129 140 1.395.000 TL 1.910.000 TL
    3+1 165 169 1.770.000 TL 2.200.000 TL
    Shops 51 184 529.000 TL 2.650.000 TL
    Project facilities
    • Walking tracks
    • Sports fields
    • Areas designed for picnics
    • Open sports fields
    • Social facilities
    • Children playgrounds
    • Shopping center
    About The Project

    Tual Bahçekent is candidate to be the symbol of Bahçekent with a total of 1.739 residential and 186 commercial units, social facilities, and healthcare, educational, religious and cultural assets dispersed on an area of nearly 190 acres.
    Offering different options ranging from 1+1 to 4+1 apartments, Tual Bahçekent hosts 1.739 residences and 186 commercial units.
    In close proximity of 3rd Airport, and located at the intersection of link roads of the 3rd Bridge, Trans-European Motorways (TEM) and Northern Marmara Highway, Bahçekent follows megacities’ lead, such as Bahçeşehir, Ataşehir and Kayaşehir.
    Having a spacious location and a verdant nature, Bahçekent holds a very special place in the future of İstanbul with its exemplary modern urban construction.
    A new İstanbul rises in northern İstanbul with Bahçekent.