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    Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
    General Information

    new trend
    Relying on the long experience in construction by Ş.A İnşaat Proje Gül. Happy İstanbul Vira!
    Known for its luxurious projects and its selection of the right places, it is partnering with the municipality Beylikduzu has established the İstanbul Vira project on the basis of city planning.
    This project is located in the quietest place in the region and is a giant investment by the municipality Beylikdüzü and the enchanting Valley of Life Garden covered with natural vegetation throughout.
    Al-Taweel raises people’s expectations for the better and this project advances above all expectations.
    Get used to the rest of the projects.
    The value of the project is doubled by its presence next to the center of Istanbul West Port
    Marina for mooring yachts in Yakuplu, which is located on the European side, is waiting for your opportunity To breathe new life into the green areas extending towards the clear blue sea.

    Project details
    Apartment Type
    Min m2
    Max m2 Min Price Max Price
    1+1 48 70 1.004.570 TL 1.183.958 TL
    2+1 87 127 1.765.173 TL 1.987.614 TL
    2+1 93 137 1.939.080 TL 2.109.597 TL
    3+1 138 199 2.626.798 TL 2.820.141 TL
    4+1 145 , 149 200 2.813.700 TL 3.261.180 TL


    About The Project

    İstanbul Vira project is the most attractive project in the region
    Beylikdüzü The project is located within an area of ​​000.92 square meters
    There are 17 buildings in total, and there are large areas in each building
    Make you feel happy and free and inside every building there are many
    From the apartment, which starts from 1 + 1 to 1 + 4, and contains the entire project
    1189 apartments and 31 shops provide you with an active and diversified social life.
    ÀThe İstanbul Vira project extends from the coast to the Valley of Life in
    Beylikdüzü This project is distinguished from the rest by its entertainment venues
    And sports and health facilities, and its close proximity to government services.