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    The place where you will wake up with happiness every morning of your life!
    Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
    General Information

    Having become a life brand offering high quality living standards for 50 years, we, at Mesa and Nurol, provide trust not only with our buildings but also with the perception of life we create. We enjoy that the happiness of the best memories of hundreds of thousands of our friends add value to our homes. This is our common point to be proud of.

    With the experience that comes from bringing life to hundreds of projects, and the confidence that comes from being part of a large family in a lush green world, you will create new memories to add to your existing ones. We present you with Yeşilyaka Su, where you will always feel young. Not only a home, but also an unforgettable childhood.

    The light in the eyes of your children will grow when they are in touch with Yeşilyaka Su’s nature, a place where having fun in the playgrounds will rise like the sun in your soul.

    Project details
    Villa M2 Balcony M2 Backyard M2 Min Price Max Price
    5+1 A (Deniz) 440 – 463 36.3 12.950.000 TL 15.300.000 TL
    4+1 B (Irmak) 260.1 – 292.2 13.3 24 8.195.000 TL 10.400.000 TL
    3+1 C (Nehir) 264.8 – 289.9 7.7 26.2 8.150.000 TL 10.250.000 TL
    3+1 D (Göl) 300.9 10.200.000 TL 10.500.000 TL
    5+1 E (Ladin) 326.7 Out of stock
    3+1 F (Çağlayan) 232 12.3 10.500.000 TL
    3+1 G (Şelale) 226.7 16.6 10.400.000 TL 10.750.000 TL
    5+1 H (Derya) 429.3 – 46.8 36.3 14.350.000 TL 16.000.000 TL

    Our prices exclude %1, &18 VAT, title deed and notary fees.

    Project facilities
    • Outdoor and indoor swimming pools
    • Basketball  courts
    • Tennis courts
    • Green walking trails
    • fitness centers with personal trainers
    • Sauna and steam baths
    • Outdoor cinemas
    • Grove and hiking trails
    • Restaurants and cafes
    • Playground
    • Rest, meeting, cruising points
    About The Project

    A blue peace that will touch your soul With a 22,000 m2 water area and a poetic pond view will be awaiting you when you come back to your home in the evening. Here, all your stress will turn to a great joy, and all your tiredness to peace.
    You will find the life of your dreams in the glory of Deniz with its area of 379 m2 high ceilings and green gardens.
    You will enjoy the happiness that spreads to 193 m2 in the best evenings you will have with your family. A life that flows with the peacefulness of a Nehir Your life will be filled with peace in Nehir’s 206 square metered spacious terrace and its large garden where you can welcome your  loved ones.
    Your life will be dripping with joy with the Göl Complete with a parking area in the lower ground which does not split your garden and large corridors of your 301 m2 home where you can be a kid with your kids. The joy that steadily drips in your life will now be the Göl.
    The joyful Çağlayan of your life When you look out of the window of your single floor, large  home located in an area of a 232 m2 with the tweets of birds in the background, the natural joy of green and blue will flow into your home like a Çağlayan.
    The feeling of trust that fills your life from the Şelale Increases in your family as each day you will spend in your single floor, 226 m2 Şelale with high ceilings.
    The  affectionate waves ofthe 375 m2Derya willlap against the shores oyour life making all your memories unforgettable.