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    EyupSultan, Istanbul
    General Information

    Baharyaka Eyup Sultan housing project promises a high-level housing experience in Istanbul. The project offering suitable prices for every budget is developed on an area of 20.800 sqm in Eyup Sultan…

    Project details
    Apartment Type
    Min m2
    Max m2 Min Price Max Price
    2+1 105 126 2.572.000 TL 3.123.000 TL
    3+1 130 193 3.029.300 TL 4.154.800 TL
    4+1 228 300 4.096.000 TL 5.960.900 TL
    5+1 301 358 7.352.000TL 8.717.400 TL

    Apartments: 593
    Number of Floors: 6
    Land: 20.800 m²
    Green area: Available
    Social Areas: Available
    Installments: 30 Months

    Project facilities
    • Central heating
    • 24-hour security
    • Fitness
    • Elevator + Freight Elevator
    • Child park
    • Thermal insulation
    • Parking Garage
    • Sauna
    • ADSL Infrastructure
    • Generator
    • Parking lot
    • Bath
    • Lobby
    • Sound insulation
    About The Project

    Baharyaka EyupSultan housing project promises a high-level housing experience in Istanbul. The project offering suitable prices for every budget is developed on an area of 20.800 sqm in Eyupsultan.

    Eyupsultan is one of the historical districts of Istanbul. The pleasant neighborhoods in this region continue. Eyupsultan carries your traditional neighborhood culture to the future with this valuable housing project. You will say hello not only to a new life but also to a future that you long for. Baharyaka EyupSultan project attracts the attention of buyers with its luxury apartments for sale.

    Historical Texture and Modern Life Are Together

    Eyupsultan is one of the historical places of Istanbul that is ready to host a new project. The housing project consisting of 6-story 27 blocks provides 593 apartments for sale. Baharyaka EyupSultan developed with the assurance of E.K Group A.S carries the most beautiful Golden Horn view of Istanbul to your home. There are 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartment options. There are only 2 apartments on each floor. You can experience the neighboring culture by joining a cozy atmosphere!

    Baharyaka EyupSultan offers the life you long for by harmonizing traditional neighborhood culture with modern life. Pierre Loti Hill rises right next to you. The real estate housing project which brings historical places right next to you reveals the Golden Horn sea and the historical peninsula view from the 4th floor of the blocks.

    New Address of Unimpeded Life

    Get ready for a social project that will make your life easier with the smart home system. Comfortable and wide halls will ease the lives of disabled and old persons. Also, easy access to all floors and landscapes by an elevator! The project is developed in Eyupsultan that is the historic county of Istanbul. The project offers an advantageous location, so you will be able to reach the bus, Metrobus, metro, and ferry pier within minutes.

    Baharyaka EyupSultan which takes its place among Istanbul housing projects gets ready to make you a homeowner with easy terms! You will find everything you are looking for in the project. Garden floor, terrace, and duplex apartment types will enchant you. You will enjoy the happiness of living in a historical district.

    Baharyaka EyupSultan Harmonizes the City’s Silhouette with the Golden Horn View!

    In Baharyaka, the silhouette of the city is harmonized with the beauty of the Golden Horn. Starting from the 4th floor of the project, the windows provide a historical view. The project opens the doors of a peaceful life by offering a unique visual feast with different beauties in the morning and evening. 75% of the project consists of open and lush areas.

    A new life in which you will accompany Eyupsultan’s historical texture rises with the Baharyaka EyupSultan project. The project has indoor and outdoor social activity areas. A pleasant life where you can socialize in the winter awaits you with its 1.700 sqm area of indoor social facilities. Sens a form right now. Our property experts will provide information about housing and residential projects in Turkey as soon as possible.