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    ON for Life
    Kağıthane, Istanbul
    General Information

    DKY ON Kağıthane project is in a location which sees Kağıthane from high. The project also  sees The Kağıthane Creek which is an urban regenaration area at the moment and Maslak-  Levent-Mecidiyeköy axis. DKY ON Kağıthane project is on the Kemerburgaz Street that  connects Kağıthane and TEM Highway. It is in the walking distance to Kağıthane Metro Station.

    Thanks to its strategic location it is also close to important highways. DKY ON Kağıthane project used the sloping structure of the land it is located on as an advantage  and was surrounded by a green landscape belt with its smart architecture. A running track,  large socializing areas covered with grass, an amphitheater and event spaces, and  recreation areas where residents can have a good time in summer and winter give the right to define a new life platform.

    Project details
    Unit Type Min M2
    Max M2 Min Price
    Max Price
    1+1,5 60 66 1.030.000 TL 1.100.000 TL
    Home Office 58 58 1.210.000 TL 1.210.000 TL
    • Discounts on cash sales
    • Prices are valid until 31/12/2020 prices are with decorations as it is
    • Title deed ready
    • Suitable for Turkish citizenship
    • Project delivery date April 2021
    Project facilities
    • Sports
    • Food
    • Parks
    • Mosque
    • Forest
    • shopping malls
    • government agency
    • transportation
    • schools
    • Hospitals
    About The Project


    The M7 Mecidiyeköy Mahmutbey Metro, which will pass through Çağlayan, Kağıthane Central and Nurtepe, is actively working. Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Şişli-Kağıhane – Eyüp Gaziosmanpasa-Esenler-Bağcılar districts within the scope of the project, there are 15  stations.

    Transportation Investments

    Kağıthane’s traffic is highly relieved thanks to the Dolmabahçe-Bomonti highway tunnel that decreases Kagithane-Dolmabahçe to 5 minutes and also building acts of junction and connection roads. In addition, Metrobus line, industrial and Metro stations, Viaduct Road work on Sultan Selim Street, Seyrantepe TEM Viaduct, Çağlayan Taşlik tunnel, Hasdal, Güzeldere, Çağlayan storey intersections and dozens of streets and streets were opened new roads.


    New Home, New Culture

    We have researched all real estate concepts, life models, expectations of users from the  world and our country and have designed an “open to life” Life platform, each of which we  call ten together with our expert stakeholders in their field. A platform that is peaceful with  technology, takes socialization and sharing to the center of life, carefully designed to the  finest detail, accessible and sustainable. DKY ON. Open to innovation, ideas, discovery,  music, movement. Open to technology, fun, tastes, friendship, nature, sharing.

    “Think out of the box”

    DKY ON Kağıthane is a really horizon-opening project for us…
    The “open to life” philosophy of the DKY ON Project is a proposition that will contribute to  the change and transformation that the Kagithane region has undergone in the last 10 years. An understanding that revisits the concept of Housing, re-evaluating housing not only with the function of housing, but with those who live in it. So with the excitement we felt about this project that came before us, we went out of the familiar architectural patterns and designed the residence together with its surroundings and created it in the form of a self-contained habitat. While working on the project, we exchanged views with the stakeholders involved in DKY on, potential homeowners who plan to own a home there, and put forward a whole new life platform idea. The DKY ON project is being implemented with proposals that will completely change the understanding of housing. We also are proud to be a part of this project.

    Open to new ideas

    The DKY on Kagithane project is designed as a living platform rather than just a residential project. In total, 205 residential and office units are located in the project, 60% of the space is allocated to social areas and landscape and 29% to office and commercial volumes. When designing DKY ON paper, it was noted that common areas can be changed and re-functionable. This design logic also manifests itself in the interiors of houses. 1+1,5 and 2+1,5 apartment types can be transformed into different spaces for different uses with their internal arrangements. This allows users to be as free as possible when designing their homes. DKY on Kagithane embodies all the opportunities expected from a housing project, while also opening the doors to a new way of life for its residents.

    “New unit types”

    The main idea of the DKY on Kagithane project is to organize the residential areas in small volumes in a smart way and make the remaining areas available to potential homeowners. Therefore, at this point, we designed the interior volumes of the houses smart and variable depending on their purpose of use. We also planned non-residential areas in the form of social spaces where homeowners can develop both themselves and their neighborly relationships. By offering different options in the interior design of houses, we have offered solutions where homeowners can personalize the spaces in which they will live. Thanks to this project, we have made all our professional talents speak and contributed to the emergence of a unique housing typology. I hope that those who live in it will be as happy as we are.


    One of the most important features of the DKY on Kagithane project is the interior features of the apartments designed in the form of 1+1, 5 and 2+1, 5…
    In the dky on Kağıthane project, apartments offer the ability to organize for different needs with collapsible walls, concealable surfaces and re-functional areas. Thanks to the  decoration suggestions designed by dky ON Kağıthane interior architecture team  according to different tastes, it is very easy to find the design option suitable for your style.


    One of the most important starting points of the DKY ON concept is the meeting areas  called ClubON, where the residents of DKY ON Kağıthane can use as they want and shape as they want. As a team of the DKY ON Kagithane project, we defined different social areas  in ClubON. For these fields, which we name according to their functions, you can see  detailed information on the following pages. A ClubON is an organic structure that can be  transformed at will, put in diffirent shapes, and articulate new functions. So the only  reason we call it DKY ON is “an open platform for life”!

    His name is MeetON on it!

    It’s a place to meet and talk, to talk about your ideas…
    Okay, the book can be read anywhere, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was just a special space for him? ReadON, whether you read alone or have a reading day with your neighbors, it’s  your choice! LearnON is for everyone! You don’t have to look for a place to teach others what you know or take lessons on what you want to learn!

    When you feel like playing games, of course, GameON! Whether it’s console games or box games…

    At MusicON, the tempo is where you always wanted it to be! In this space, supported by Spotify, you can make studio sessions, throw fun parties with your neighbors or friends!

    All those who love teamwork, here! Brainstorm with your team or collaborate with your neighbors or friends on TeamON!

    If you say, “I cook very well,” CookON is for you! Gather the neighbors, arrange supplies. Let the lessons of Far Eastern or Mexican cuisine begin immediately!

    You can spend a pleasant evening with your friends by serving carefully cooked dishes at CookON in EatON

    Whether you work here alone or with your team… Creative ideas we recommend WorkON  to those who want a creative space.

    Open to collaboration

    DKY ON’s stakeholders are carrier elements of the DKY ON concept. Each of our stakeholders works to provide the best products and services in their areas of expertise in accordance with the discourse of DKY ON’s next generation Life Platform.

    Can happiness have anything to do with coffee? Coffee Sapiens, A new generation Coffee Shop in Karaköy, takes its place in the concept of DKY ON. Fongogo, the pioneer of “crowdfunding”in Turkey, is one of the stakeholders of the DKY ON concept… Fongogo, the address of creative ideas, is also a supporter of the new generation Life Platform…

    The address of fresh and healthy gourmet food is Meal Box, nutritionist of the DKY ON concept! Meal Box will be the first choice of the residents of DKY ON with the understanding of ”Healthy Kitchen, healthy body”!

    The art stakeholder of the DKY ON concept is Mixer. Mixer, an expert in online and offline exhibition and sale of ”accessible art products”, will share brand new examples of modern art with you and mediate for you to own!

    Samsung Business, one of DKY on’s technology stakeholders, offers all technological innovations to your service with its high-end products. Smart home products at DKY on and all technological components at ClubON are at hand with Samsung!

    Meet ShareMyFare, the traffic representative of the sharing economy, one of the most important components of DKY ON. ShareMyFare reduces your transportation costs to a minimum with its exclusive DKY ON app!

    Music is part of our lives! Spotify is also the music content stakeholder of the DKY ONconcept. With Spotify, your favorite music will be with you anytime, anywhere!

    The only address of healthy sport is ZONE! ZONE Training & Spa is also under the roof of DKY ON with excellent technical infrastructure and trained staff!

    Open to options

    8 different apartment types are available in the DKY ON Kağıthane project. Apartments were planned as 1+1,5 and 2+1,5. There are 13 to 15 apartments on each floor in the DKY ON Kağıthane project. These units consist of 5 different types of 1+1,5 and 3 different types of 2+1,5 apartments.