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    General Information

    – Ağaoğlu 1453 site is located in the city as a magnificent mixed life project of Europe, as well as located in a location intertwined with nature, there is the Belgrade forest in the north, the green area of the NATO union in the south, and the Ayazağa Yeşiltepe forest in the west. It is possible to see forest or greenery from almost every flat of the site. Imagine a project that is located both in the city and in the middle of nature.
    – Maslak 1453 site, which is the only project in Europe with its concept close to the Fatih park forest and makes you feel different and special in every aspect, is loved and demanded by all its residents. Modern buildings are right in the middle of nature and have very good technology. It has a nature-friendly energy.

    Project details
    Apartment Type
    Min m2
    Max m2 Min Price Max Price
    1+1 74 140 1.950.000 TL 3.025.000 TL


    Project facilities
    • sports halls
    • walking track
    • children’s playgrounds
    • restaurants
    • cafes
    • pharmacy
    • hairdresser for men and women
    • market
    • kindergarten
    • dry cleaning
    • special boutiques
    • pet shop
    • cash machines
    • secure building entrances
    • guest welcoming lobbies
    • guest indoor-outdoor parking
    About The Project


    Maslak Ağaoğlu 1453 project is located in a very easy location in terms of transportation, it has an accessible location of Maslak district, 39 km from Istanbul airport and 48 km from Sabiha Gökçen airport. It is 8 km from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, 9 km from 15 July Martyrs Bridge and 12 km from Sultan Selim Bridge. It is very close to public transportation vehicles, important connection roads, E5-E6 main arteries, 3rd Bridge and 2nd Bridge exit and entrance roads. It is 1.70 km from the ITU Ayazağa stop of the Hacıosman-Yenikapı metro line, which is the metro line that really makes life very easy in Istanbul.

    – Beykent University is within walking distance of the site, varying between 2-5 minutes
    depending on the blocks, and Mef University and Istanbul Technical University are also very close to the site. It is possible to reach Mef University and Istanbul Technical University in 2 minutes by car.
    – 2 km from Vadistanbul shopping mall, 3 km from İstinyepark AVM and 1.40 km from 42
    Maslak shopping mall. It is 1.65 km from Maslak Acıbadem hospital, 4.38 km from Sarıyer
    Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, and it is close to many private and public
    hospitals. While there is 1 hotel in the site, it is also very close to the 5-star hotels in Maslak and Sarıyer in terms of transportation.

    There are many social opportunities in Ağaoğlu 1453 street. Ağaoğlu 1453, the largest living
    project in Europe with a construction area of approximately 2 million square meters, has
    managed to create a neighborhood concept on its own, almost like a small town, in Maslak, the business and life center of Istanbul, with its residential, office and commercial functions.
    In 1453, there are sports halls, walking track, children’s playgrounds, restaurants, cafes,pharmacy, hairdresser for men and women, market, kindergarten, dry cleaning, special boutiques, pet shop, cash machines and many other facilities. In addition to these, it is intertwined with culture, art and entertainment centers. It offers the opportunity to solve many of your needs within the site without leaving the site. It has secure building entrances, guest welcoming lobbies, guest indoor-outdoor parking. If you have guests and your flat is not suitable for hosting them, it is possible to host them at the Somerset hotel, which is located within the complex.

    – 1453 Project has an area of 322,000 m2 built in the center of the city. There are 37
    blocks, 256 offices and 175 shops in this project. There are 3 types of residences
    consisting of 24 towers. These residences contain 4147 residences as A, B and C
    blocks. In terrace houses, there are 642 residences as T1, T2, T3 and T4 blocks.
    These are distributed as follows;
    – There are 6 different types of 1+1, 7 different types of 2+1, 14 different types of
    3+1 and 4+1 flats in one type in A blocks.
    – There are 6 different types of 1+0, 16 different types of 1+1, 7 different types of
    2+1, 20 different types of 3+1 and 3 different types of 4+1 flats in B blocks.
    – In C blocks, there are 2 different types of 1+0, 10 different types of 1+1, 8 different
    types of 2+1, 7 different types of 3+1 and one type of 4+1 flats.