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    Beylikduzu, Istanbul
    General Information

    Alya Marin which has taken its place among Beylikduzu housing projects ‎waits for its investors. A dreamy life opportunity awaits you in the project ‎developed in Beylikduzu.

    Project details

    Apartments: 64
    Green area: Available
    Social Areas: Available

    Project facilities
    • Central heating
    • 24-hour security
    • Fitness
    • Elevator + Freight Elevator
    • Child park
    • Thermal insulation
    • Parking Garage
    • ADSL Infrastructure
    • Generator
    • Parking lot
    • Sound insulation
    About The Project

    Alya Marin which has taken its place among Beylikduzu housing projects ‎waits for its investors. A dreamy life opportunity awaits you in the project ‎developed in Beylikduzu. Beylikduzu region is one of the favorite living centers of Istanbul. ‎The project which will show its difference among Istanbul housing projects will ‎please its investors with qualified living spaces. Thanks to Alya apartments, you will ‎be able to find your ideal house.‎ ‎The project will provide a wide range of housing options.

    You will save time thanks to the Alya Marin housing project with an ‎advantageous location for the investors. You will earn today and in the future. The project is also a valuable investment opportunity.‎

    Comfortable Life with Alya Marin Apartments
    Alya Marin is realized with features that will make a difference among ‎Beylikduzu housing projects. The project located in Beylikduzu which is one of ‎the most preferred counties of Istanbul has the qualities to satisfy its investors ‎with its structural features and social areas. In the project developed by BOSS4 which is one of the pioneer names in the sector, everything is ‎meticulously designed. BOSS4 adds many functional features to the ‎project so that investors can have better quality living spaces. Your days ‎will be peaceful in the sea view apartments. With its modern architecture and ‎landscape areas, the project will take you away from daily stress with its social ‎areas. ‎

    Alya Marin apartments also attract attention with their solid construction ‎features. Before the project was constructed, an investigation of ground ‎conditions was carried out. Seismic and insulation regulations were complied ‎with within the project which is developed as a result of the suitable ground. A safe ‎life opportunity awaits you in Alya apartments, where a building audit is also ‎carried out.‎

    Social Living with Alya Marin ‎‎
    Alya Marin project offers special payment plans for you. Alya housing project will make you gain profit all the time and considers you ‎in every respect. Comfortable living spaces await you in the project which ‎shows its difference with its modern architecture and solid structural features. ‎Alya Marin offers a peaceful life and will raise the living standards ‎among Beylikduzu housing projects. Thanks to the project which has colorful ‎living spaces, you will have the opportunity to live away from stress.‎
    Qualified social areas await you in the project where green and blue are met. ‎Professional craftsmanship and first-class materials are used in the project. You ‎will have solid, reliable, and modern apartments. You will start the day full of ‎energy in apartments with the sunshine in your home all day. ‎There are different housing types in the project which are designed and ‎implemented according to the demands of the investors. Alya Marin is waiting ‎for you in Beylikduzu which will allow you to own the dreamy house.